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Higher percentage of California pot passing safety tests

Marijuana grows legally inside Oaksterdam University, an institution that trains students interested in a career in the cannabis business. California law currently allows legal use of marijuana for medical purposes. If Proposition 19 passes, it would legalize pot for recreational use.

LOS ANGELES — California marijuana producers are seeing a higher percentage of buds, oils and other products clear strict safety tests.

Testing started in July saw about a 20 percent failure rate after the first two months.

Now it’s down to 14 percent. State and industry officials say that shows businesses are adjusting to the regulated market.

But questions about the integrity were amplified with the sudden closing of a Sacramento lab that the state found was falsifying test results for pesticides.

State regulators have asked retailers and distributors to recall batches tested by Sequoia Analytical Labs after July 1.

Cannabis-infused cookies, candies and tinctures continued having the most trouble in test labs: About 25 percent were rejected, though that also was an improved rate compared to the July-August period, when one-third failed.