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‘For their own safety:’ 19-year-old accused of sexually abusing minors housed separately in jail

MOBILE, Ala. —  A 19-year-old man accused of sexually abusing two minors was being housed separately from the general population, according to jail officials.

Mobile County Metro Jail warden Trey Oliver III said this is standard protocol for alleged sex offenders.

“Our standard protocol for sex offenders is to house them separately from the general population for their own safety, typically,” said Oliver.

Sean Howell, 19, was arrested and charged with two counts of sodomy first-degree, two counts of enticing a child for immoral purposes, two counts of sex abuse of a child under the age of 12, facilitating the travel of a child for sex, transmitting obscene material to a child, possession of child pornography and production of child pornography.

“Typically, whenever someone is charged with any type of crime dealing with children or a child, they have to be watched. We have to keep a close eye on them because other inmates will take out their anger on them. So to speak, we try to keep the lambs with the lambs and the lions with the lions. That’s the unofficial category, but that’s just what it comes down to — because we don’t want the stronger and aggressive inmates praying on the more docile, easy-going,” said Oliver.

During a court hearing in Mobile, Alabama, a police officer testified that the two alleged victims are 10 and 11. He also testified that after Howell was charged, he said he wanted to be able to see the two children again and be a part of their lives.

The officer also said Howell picked up one of the victims at a residence, took him to a location in Mobile County and molested him.

“We probably have around 1,300 inmates, and any time we have anybody on suicide watch or a mental illness, especially if they’re off their medication or charged with high-profile crimes, certainly those inmates do require more time and attention and effort from our workers,” said Oliver.

Judge Joe Basenberg set bond at $375,000 and ordered that if Howell makes bond, he has to wear an ankle monitor, have no contact with the alleged victims and no contact with anyone under 18.

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