Woman’s purse stolen while she visited her son’s grave: ‘I was hoping he was kidding’

MIAMI — A woman who had her purse stolen at a cemetery in Florida is speaking out — motivated to warn others about thieves who could be preying on those who are grieving.

In November, Melina and her husband were visiting the grave of their 23-year-old son, who was shot to death in March. Their truck was parked nearby, with the doors unlocked.

While they were focused on paying their respects, a thief seized an opportunity.

“When we got to the truck, my husband said ‘where’s your purse?’ I was hoping he was kidding me, but when I looked, there was no purse,” said Melina.

To her dismay, her favorite purse had been swiped. Inside were her credit and debit cards, which the thief promptly put to use.

“They started using the credit cards and the debit card right away,” she said.

Police said surveillance cameras captured someone ringing up $900 worth of fraudulent charges at two stores.

When she confronted cemetery officials about the burglary, she was stunned by the response.

“They told me they do not have camera surveillance and that this was a common occurrence and they cannot be responsible for people’s belongings,” Melina said.

It made her wonder how many others had been victimized the same way.

“Apparently these people know what they’re doing and they prey on unsuspecting people and it’ll happen to them and I’m trying to prevent that,” said Melina.

The cemetery where this incident took place is on Southwest 120th Street and 117th Avenue and the person who did this is still out there.

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