LAPD seizes nearly $20M in drugs, cash and weapons

LOS ANGELES — On Thursday the LAPD shared photos of what officers called a major bust.

There were jars and vials of cannabis oils and marijuana — all of which police say were part of an illegal operation.

“The estimate of the narcotics seized was $19,664,000,” said Lt. Andrew Mathes.

On top of that, police also seized nearly $150,000 in cash, pre-made money orders, an assault rifle and three handguns.

**Embargo: Los Angeles, CA**
“The estimate of the narcotics seized was $19,664,000,” said Lt. Andrew Mathes.

The raid happened on the 800 block of San Julian in the Flower District of downtown L.A.

Detectives say the operation was a processing facility.

Police say 24-year-old Daniel Ontiveros and three other men were arrested.

Even though marijuana is legal in California, it’s unclear if the narcotics were safe.

“Our goal is that anything that is being consumed has been regulated and an approved product,” said Lt. Mathes.

Police say that they found out about the operation after neighbors reported seeing suspicious traffic going in and out of the illegal business.

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