Disguised as present, Dane County K-9 on the lookout for porch pirates

DANE COUNTY — Undercover and ready to keep watch, K-9 Kimo of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office is reporting for duty.

Sitting like a good boy, the Dane County Sheriff’s Office shared a picture of K-9 Kimo to their K-9 Facebook page on Saturday, Dec. 22. Disguised in a wrapped present, K-9 Kimo and the sheriff’s office are reminding the community to stay vigilant around the holidays.

The Facebook caption reads: “Our K9 Kimo is reminding us to keep a lookout for porch pirates. Thank you Kimo for keeping us safe❤️.”

Authorities in Racine County shared the following tips to help protect your items this holiday season:

  1. Don’t let your packages sit – Monitor when your packages are expected to arrive. Many businesses provide a tracking number so you can see when your package does arrive.
  2. Talk to your neighbors – If you have neighbors who are home during the day, consider asking them to collect your packages on the delivery date.
  3. Ship to an alternate address – Some companies allow you to ship your packages directly to your place of business. Also, consider shipping your packages to a friend or relative’s home.
  4. Ship to the store – Some retailers allow you to ship to a store near you. This may not be as convenient but it does provide security and helps avoid long lines at the register. Some stores even offer special parking near the entrance.
  5. Hi tech solutions – If you order packages all year round, it may be wise to invest in security cameras or mobile apps on your smart phones.
  6. Install a package lockbox – A lockbox can be installed on your front porch. Once installed, share your code with your delivery service.
  7. Signature on delivery – Consider having your packages delivered only when someone is available to sign for them.
  8. Insure your holiday packages – Package thefts increase around the holidays and it may be wise to insure your packages this time of year. This way, if your package is stolen, you can be reimbursed for your loss.
  9. Ship to your local pack and ship store – If you have a UPS, FedEx, or other locally owned packing and shipping store nearby, consider sending your packages there.
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