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Retail associates guide last-minute shoppers on Christmas Eve: ‘The shift goes by in a breeze’

WAUWATOSA -- Hours before Christmas, with Santa already busy making deliveries, plenty of last-minute shoppers hit the stores on Christmas Eve Monday, Dec. 24, and retail employees were there on the holiday to guide them through what can be a stressful experience.

In the retail industry, the associates might be the unsung heroes when it comes to last-minute Christmas shopping. They were there to guide shoppers through dangerous territory, because when you only have a few hours to get those things on your list, it can get tense.

Mia Morgan was shopping with her parents on Monday -- making several stops -- at Bayshore Town Center and then at Mayfair Mall.

Mia Morgan

"Yeah, this is stop number two actually. It's not that bad, but for the jewelry department, you have to pick a number," Morgan said of the crowds at Kohl's at Bayshore.

As the minutes ticked by, the crowd got bigger, but staff members were working hard to keep up -- so much so, their work day was flying by.

"Last night it was line, after line, after line," said a Kohl's associate. "The whole shift goes by in a breeze!"

Some stores, like Kohl's, stayed open around the clock to ensure all those procrastinators were able to check off everything on their lists.

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