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‘It’s all just feel:’ Man who is blind spends hours hanging Christmas lights on his home

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Richard Guzman has been hanging Christmas lights on every edge, corner and windowsill of his home in on Nottingham Avenue in South Hampton, Missouri for the last 25 years, but he’s been doing it without any vision.

Guzman is completely blind, yet he doesn’t use assistance or any special tools to hang his lights on his home.

“It’s all just feel,” said Guzman, “Believe or not, I don’t get frustrated.”

He knows his home well and knows what he needs to do to accomplish this task without sight.

“The roof is the tricky part, because the ladder doesn’t quite reach all the way up,” said Guzman.

His roof, at the highest point, is nearly 30 feet tall. In order to reach that height, Guzman places two bricks under each ladder leg.

While Guzman spends hours outside hanging lights, his wife Fran is inside, baking cookies to stay distracted from how nervous she is.

“Everyone that knows him is nervous, saying ‘don’t do it. Don’t do it.’ I think he just really enjoys it. [It] makes him feel like he can do something on his own,” said Fran Guzman.

Richard Guzman may not be able to see his final masterpiece, but you do not need sight to see how happy you make others feel.

“I enjoy everybody telling me they look great,” said Guzman, “The kids enjoy them and that’s the main goal.”

Guzman has nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren who he said are his motivation for hanging the lights each year.

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