Disabled veteran’s car stolen from home on Christmas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — A disabled veteran says his car was stolen right out of his garage on Christmas night – and it was captured on his surveillance video.

The incident appears to be the classic crime of opportunity.

Surveillance video shows a man stroll past the victim’s, Marcus Gordon, home, but seconds later that man re-appears and walks up the driveway disappearing into his garage.

“I was restless. I couldn’t sleep,” Gordon said. “And my Ring Doorbell goes off. I thought it was the car, so I didn’t pay it any mind.”

Then, video continues to show Gordon’s red 2003 BMW being backed out of the garage.

“When I went outside he took off. The car was gone,” Gordon said.

Gordon also said his car has a handicap placard and personalized Nevada license plates. He wants the car thief to know not only did he take off with his only means of transportation for work but by coming into his home, it disturbed his peace of mind.

“I’m a disabled vet – this has set me back. So, now I’m on high alert,” Gordon said.

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