Pinewood Car Shootout gives wannabe racers a taste of the track 🏎️

UNION GROVE -- Tuesday, Jan. 1 was race day at the Great Lakes Dragaway near 1st Street and 200th Avenue in Union Grove. At the racetrack known for hosting fast cars during the summer, there was still some serious racing to be had -- but on a much smaller scale.

"It's always to cold, too snowy, or too rainy, or something. We decided to have a backup plan. We do this 'Pinewood Car Shootout' we call it," said Randy Henning, CEO of Great Lakes Dragaway.

Shootout they do, and sending them down the track was the Aho family.


"I got us all a derby car and we built them last night," said Jason Aho. "Stickered them up and thought it would be fun to get out here and do some racing with them as well."

Four blocks of wood were carefully constructed to maximize the odds of winning.

From the hardcore derby racers down to the amateur level -- the derby track had it all.

"It looks like you just put four wheels on a piece of two-by-four, but there's a lot more to it than that," said Henning.

For the racers, the winter weather wasn't a problem.

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