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‘You put everyone’s life in danger:’ Police say man led officers on chase with 2-year-old, her mother in vehicle

EUCLID, Ohio -- Police said a suspect led officers on a chase -- driving a stolen car with his 2-year-old daughter and her mother inside.

Police released video showing the 2-year-old calling out to her father, Daquan Gordon, moments after police said Gordon led officers on a high-speed chase with the girl and her mother in the front seat. The 2-year-old was not in a car seat.

"That accident would've happened a different way, or if the airbag would have gone off, I think there's a really good chance that Mom and daughter could have been seriously injured or worse," said Lt. Mitch Houser with the Euclid Police Department.

Police said they tried to stop the vehicle Gordon was driving around 10:45 p.m. on Nov. 30, but he fled. The pursuit was eventually terminated.

"Unfortunately, even though the police will terminate a pursuit, that doesn't mean the person who we wanted to pursue thinks it's off -- and they'll continue on at a real high rate of speed, recklessly, in order to get away from any cops they think are nearby, and that's exactly what happened here," said Lt. Houser.

Gordon crashed the vehicle moments later, after losing control. The vehicle went off the road and struck a building.

Wanted on warrants, Gordon was arrested and indicted on several charges, including endangering children and receiving stolen property.

"What are you thinking? You kidding me? You put everyone's life in danger, including your own kid," an officer said in the video.

Gordon pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, Jan. 2. Police said the vehicle he was driving was reported stolen in December of 2017.

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