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Caught on camera: McDonald’s restaurant closed after elderly man brought in dead raccoon

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — A McDonald’s restaurant in San Francisco had to be closed for cleaning and disinfecting after a man brought a dead raccoon inside.

It happened on Sunday morning, Jan. 6 at the restaurant on Potrero Avenue in San Francisco.

Chris Brooks was having breakfast when he did a double take. Brooks recorded video as an elderly man brought the dead raccoon inside and placed it on a table. The animal was bloody and there was a trail of blood on the floor.

After a short time, someone picked up the carcass and took it outside, putting it in a trash can.

Patrons like Brooks cleared out fast from the McDonald’s restaurant.

“I didn’t know if the raccoon was dead or alive. My thing was to get out of the way. I left,” said Brooks.

Officials with the Department of Environmental Health wanted to reassure customers that the restaurant was clean and safe.

“I’d like to assure the public that McDonald’s has addressed the problem sanitized the restaurant which is the main thing for us.. and McDonald’s is safe to eat,” said Stephanie Cushing, director of environmental health.

Cushing said the restaurant’s owner followed procedure, closing for five hours on Sunday for cleaning and disinfecting.

The restaurant reopened after a health department inspection.

Animal control officials removed the raccoon from the property.

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