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‘This is Wisconsin, this is normal:’ Milwaukee residents bask in the glow of a blanket of snow

MILWAUKEE -- From just a few inches to over a foot, the Milwaukee area received its fair share of snow on Saturday, Jan. 19. Whether it's brushed away, plowed or scooped up, Milwaukee residents hit the streets to clear the heavy blanket of snow.

"It was pretty bad this morning," said Callie Ahm, a Milwaukee resident.

Old Man Winter is back, and he made quite an entrance in 2019.

"I'm like, 'Oh my God!' I'm not getting out of here any time soon," said Ahm.

Nearly six inches of snow fell around Milwaukee during the storm. Both the amount and the consistency of the snow are weighing heavy on folks who are trying to clean up.

"It's kind of a wet and heavy snow, so I'm definitely going to feel it later on the back," said Oscar Sandoval.

Residents like Sandoval have a plan to fight the flakes.

"The sooner the better," said Sandoval. "If you wait too long, people will tramp on it. It will get cold."

As he tackles it in waves before it freezes, city workers passed by, continuously clearing the way for drivers.

"Everyone is working hard to get everything done," said Arturo Resendiz.

279 pieces of equipment hit the streets to clear the snow. But before it's all gone, some folks took a minute to appreciate the beauty.

"It's pretty," said Resendiz,

Wisconsin is known for winter, so it comes as no surprise that some people were basking in the glow of a fresh snowfall.

"Winter wonderland!" said Mee Hang. "Finally! Actually, I've been waiting for this first snow. I know some people dread it, but I was waiting for it.

"This is Wisconsin, and this is normal," said Sandoval. "It's awesome."

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