Weekend parking restrictions in place for City of Milwaukee residents; alternate lots available

MILWAUKEE -- The City of Milwaukee announced an overnight snow clearing operation for Saturday night, Jan. 19 and Sunday night, Jan. 20. If you park in the wrong place, you might get fined for setting back the snow clearing process.

"We want the other motorists on the streets to be cognizant of our operations, of our drivers," said Jeff Polesnke, Milwaukee Department of Public Works.

All residents who park overnight on the street must move their vehicle to the odd-numbered side of the street by 11 p.m. Saturday evening through the next morning -- and over to the even side Sunday night. Failure to do so could land you a $40 ticket, or you could even get towed.

If you're looking for an alternate place to park, four Milwaukee Public Schools will have their lots open to the public.

They include:

  • Lincoln Avenue Elementary School - 1817 W. Lincoln Avenue
  • Riverwest Elementary School - 2765 N. Fratney Street
  • Longfellow Public School - 1021 S. 21st Street
  • Cass Street Public School - 1647 N. Cass Street

"We're asking people to be patient," said Polenske.

Patient and compliant until the snow can be cleared from all neighborhood streets, which could still take a few days.

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