‘Winter has finally come,’ and it can damage our vehicles, our bodies and the tools we use to clean it up

GLENDALE -- Snow and cold can damage our vehicles, our bodies and even the tools we use to clean it all up. FOX6 News caught up with folks who help with all of those things on Monday, Jan. 21, after several inches of snow fell over the weekend. In the wake of the snow, the bitter cold settled in across southeast Wisconsin, and some faced dead car batteries on Monday morning.

"Winter has finally come," said Keith Raskin with Prestige Auto Works.

Raskin talked with FOX6 News about the importance of ensuring your vehicle is ready to drive after a snowstorm -- before hitting the road.

"Be sure that the snow is removed from your car prior to driving. Not just your windshield and your side glass and back glass, but your mirrors, headlights and tail lights," said Raskin.

Meanwhile, at Egelhoff Lawn Mower Service Inc. in Thiensville, crews were busy working on an influx of tools that help us clean up what Mother Nature delivers in the winter.

"Just making sure that it's in good running order," said Tony Riley, Egelhoff Lawn Mower Service Inc.

When it comes to snowblowers, Riley said the "number one problem" is the use of fuel that isn't fresh.

"Most people don't realize that fuel from the pump starts to go bad in 30 to 45 days," said Riley.

It's also very important to be careful shoveling. Not only can the heavy lifting wreak havoc on your back, people have died after clearing snow. Two such deaths occurred in Milwaukee County on Sunday, Jan. 20.

The medical examiner said the 59-year-old was shoveling at his home near 47th and Congress on Sunday, and was found dead inside his home. He was pronounced dead just after 1 p.m.

The 91-year-old was using a snowblower outside his home near S. 108th Street and Cleveland Avenue in West Allis on Saturday, and was found dead inside his home on Sunday. He was pronounced dead shortly before 12:30 p.m.

In a news release Monday, Jan. 21, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office said they did not perform autopsies in either case. The 59-year-old man's death was referred to his primary physician.

It is important to take it easy, and seek help cleaning up if it's needed, and there are apps for that! One, called "Plowz and Mowz" offers professional crews to come and clear the snow for you. Additionally, on Sunday, FOX6 News told you about a new partnership through Bader Philanthropies that pairs young church members with residents who are elderly and in need of help.

"Listen to your body, and if it gets wet and heavy, you probably want to move slowly and at a certain pace -- not to try and overdo it," said Egelhoff.

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