Officials urge you to check on the elderly in bitterly cold temps

WEST ALLIS -- The extreme cold can be deadly. That's why, during this frigid blast, so many are keeping an eye on the elderly.

"We haven't been outside for the cold weather at all. We don't have to," said Al Gorecki.

Heritage Senior Living in West Allis, is home for Al and Tootie Gorecki. The husband and wife live with all the amenities of a city and watchful eyes make sure the 2,500 residents are protected.

Heritage Senior Living

Heritage Senior Living

"We will encourage them to stay in-house," said Jaime Schwingel, Heritage Senior Living.

When the temperatures dip, employees like Jaime Schwingel help keep the people at the senior living center safe.

"We encourage them to dress properly and ensure they have a safe ride and safe means to get there," said Schwingel.

Heritage has everything from a salon to a restaurant, so residents rarely have to leave. However, for those who don't live in a place like Heritage Senior Living, there are other options.

"We never turn anyone away, that's the main point," said Jon Janowski, Milwaukee County Department on Aging.

Jon Janowski

Milwaukee County has five senior centers that are open during the daytime and act as warming spots when the temperatures dip.

"When it gets this cold, we want to make sure that their heat is on, that they have enough food, that they have what they need to get through the cold," said Janowski.

An important reminder the vulnerable population sometimes needs some looking out for.

Heritage Senior Living

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