Couple behind bars after meth found to be contributing factor in baby’s death

STILLWATER, Okla. — A woman and her husband are behind bars Thursday after she took meth on a daily basis while pregnant, eventually killing her baby, authorities say.

Lonna and Kyle Stokes are facing child neglect charges. Police said the mother was still using drugs on the day she went to the hospital.

Authorities say the infant, Maverick Stokes, died after two hours of being born at the Stillwater Medical Center. A medical examiner said that the meth was found to be a contributing factor in the death.

“Honestly, I would have to say that there was probably some relief on my part,” Lonna told police when they asked how she felt about losing the baby. “I had been put in that position and it’s not fair I had to be pregnant.

Authorities said the father helped the mother to do drugs and he said that she would convince him that meth is good for the baby because it has dopamine in it.

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