Out in the elements: Workers take precautions in bitter cold temps

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MILWAUKEE -- The bitterly cold weather can be very dangerous. It's a time most people should stay indoors. However, there are some people whose work requires them to be outside in the elements.

"No matter the weather, we're here, we're working," said Kyle Lewis, bike messenger.

There might not be anything worse than being outdoors.

Kyle Lewis

"You have to start out pretty positive just to get through it," said Lewis.

Kyle Lewis isn't fazed by the extreme cold and biting wind. The bike messenger goes from business to business with few complaints.

"It's kind of hard but it's really fun being outside all day," Lewis said.

Lewis is protected but there are many in Milwaukee who are not.

''Within minutes someone can be affected by the cold weather," sad Chris Walters, Paratech Ambulance Service.

Chris Walters is the director of ambulance operations at Paratech Ambulance Service.

"Protects them from the elements and it's going to be a wind barrier as well," Walters said.

Chris Walters

The paramedics have prioritized calls to treat those outdoors. They are focused on the safety of patients and employees in the frigid weather.

"We're making sure they're protecting ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves to protect other people," said Walters.

The bitter cold is nothing to be taken lightly, and Lewis knows it.

"I just layer up," Lewis said. "Two hats, two gloves, two pairs of socks, two layers on my legs and then as much as I can fit under my jacket."

No matter the weather, Lewis has a job to do -- ready for what tomorrow has in store.

"Riding my bicycle is like a joy, it's what I like to do," said Lewis.

Remember to be smart and use some common sense out in the cold. Later out and if you don't have to be outside, stay indoors.

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