Winter storm watch issued for parts of SE Wisconsin starting Tuesday at noon

Prepare and protect your home for the snow and extreme cold

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MILWAUKEE -- The bitter cold weather blowing through our area isn't just a hazard for people but also our homes. Plumbing experts say it's key to monitor pipes and water flow. Even running your faucet in a small stream will help stop an influx of water gushing in other areas.

"They will notice if they come home and their ceilings collapse," said Larry Budiac, Budiac Plumbing.

When the water stops, other problems begin.

"Their hardwood floors are gone. It happens all the time," said Budiac.

Larry Budiac

That's when Larry Budiac says it's too late.

"Get calls every winter for people who have frozen lines," said Budiac.

Owner of Budiac Plumbing, he says it's vital to know your home and protect it. Friday, he made sure customers were ready for the subzero temperatures we're experiencing. Because in this weather, pipes can freeze in a snap.

"The sump pump line runs underground and there is a frozen downspout right now which can create backup in the basement if that does freeze," said Budiac. People have to do their preventative maintenance. Now is the time to start on it."

While helping prevent a costly inconvenience, Budiac also has a lifesaving tip.

"A very important part in the winter time is making sure your exhaust pipes and for your water heaters and furnaces are clear of snow and ice. Bushes can overgrow, they can condensate and freeze up and create a problem with carbon monoxide."

A carbon monoxide alarm will also help you detect any abnormalities. One more thing about weatherproofing is your thermostat. Keep it on at least 65 degrees when you're not home to also help prevent freezing.

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