Dressing appropriately can make the bitter cold more bearable

MILWAUKEE -- Ahead of another snowstorm, the National Weather Service issued a wind chill advisory for all of southeast Wisconsin overnight Saturday, Jan. 26 and into Sunday morning, Jan. 27. It was set to take effect at 3 a.m. and remain in effect until 9 a.m. A winter storm warning takes effect 12 hours later, at 9 p.m. Sunday, for all of southeast Wisconsin.

While bitterly cold temperatures can be dangerous and even life-threatening, FOX6 News found some having fun in the cold and snow on Saturday. It's all about being dressed for the weather, and knowing when to take a break.

Molly Lawrence and Jonathan Tudjan

"I love this. The colder the better," said Jonathan Tudjan.

Late January was patio season for Tudjan and Molly Lawrence.

"We're Wisconsinites, so you know how to keep warm," said Lawrence.

FOX6 News caught up with them at the ice bars in Milwaukee's Third Ward, where they were surrounded by fire and frost.

"They've made it a destination by doing something different," said Lawrence.

They embraced a cold winter Saturday in Milwaukee.

"I wear the right clothes. I dress for it," said Tudjan.

Angeline O'Hara and Nick Barlow

That seemed to be a theme, with temperatures in the single digits. Angeline O'Hara and Nick Barlow were bundled up as they celebrated one year together with a spin around the ice rink at Red Arrow Park.

"Four layers of pants, two layers of shirts and three sets of gloves," said Barlow.

"I have a pair of Lululemon leggings under my skinny jeans, two pairs of socks, a shirt, a sweater, a second sweater and a vest. It's still cold, but you can't let it stop you from doing stuff," said O'Hara. "I have my heated blankets at home waiting for me, with my cats."

Nick Barlow and Angeline O'Hara

According to the FOX6 Weather Experts, we could see up to 12 inches of snow Sunday through Monday afternoon. After that, even colder air is set to move in, with wind chills as low as -45 on Wednesday.

Red Arrow Park

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