Los Angeles Zoo names newborn pudu after K-pop star

LOS ANGELES — On Dec. 19, the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens welcomed its newest addition: a baby southern pudu. The adorable newborn was nameless for over a month until fans of K-pop group NCT raised enough money to guarantee the baby’s name. The pudu has been named Haechan, after a member of NCT who fans liken to a pudu.

“It’s come to our attention that Haechan of the K-pop group NCT is considered by many of his fans to resemble an adorable pudu,” read the Facebook fundraiser. “So we want to give fans the opportunity to officially name the newborn fawn after the singer!”

The fundraiser’s goal was $2,000, but as of Saturday, Jan. 26, the fundraiser has raised around $2,700 for Haechan. According to the Los Angeles Zoo, the southern pudu’s population is declining in the wild.
Congratulations to the Los Angeles Zoo, and to Haechan’s parents, Steph and Mario!
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