As #3 was honored in Milwaukee, Dwyane Wade, once a shy kid, said ‘my younger self would be proud’

MILWAUKEE — Jan. 20, 2019 was declared Dwyane Wade Day in the City of Milwaukee, and the former Marquette University guard’s legacy lives on.

Family members, friends and fans were present to honor #3, including his sons, Zaire and Zion Wade, and his nephew Dahveon Morris.

“As I said when I came on this campus, thank you Marquette University for taking a chance on a young kid from the inner city of Chicago, giving me an opportunity to come to this prestigious university, taking me in, showing me love. I will never forget it. I carry that Marquette badge proudly, everywhere I go, so thank you guys so much. Marquette Golden Eagles for life,” said Wade.

Wade may have been just a shy kid from Chicago when he stepped onto the Marquette campus in 2000, but his return to Milwaukee was nothing less than star powered, and although there’s no denying all he accomplished in his professional career, his days downtown took their place in the Marquette history books.

“I think my younger self would be proud of me. Not that everything went perfect, but I think the way that I’ve been able to handle things when it’s been not so great,” said Wade.

Whether remembering his coach or the Bradley Center, a place that played host to some of his best moments, Wade will forever be remembered for his impact on the Golden Eagles program.

“There’s this photo, where you see the whole floor is filled with all the Marquette fans, and they’re raising me up. That, to me, is like, one of the dopest photos ever,” said Wade.

“He embodies what we would want all of our players to strive to be, obviously as players, but just more importantly as people. He’s a first-class, elite guy,” said Coach Steve¬†Wojciechowski.

“He means a lot to our program. We always look up to him. He’s kind of an idol and someone we wanna grow up to be like,” said Sam Hauser, MU forward.

Well beyond a Final Four run and a three-time champion NBA career, Wade said he’s most proud of his journey.

“You have a basketball and a dream, and then I blink my eye and I’m 37 years old and I’m about to retire from the game and then I’m like, wait a minute. I made a big impact on this game, like players have made before me in my life, and I’m able to play on this stage and play at Chicago Bulls arena. All these things I was just a kid watching TV, you know?” said Wade.

Approaching retirement, the kid turned pro was enjoying every step of his one last dance.

“I’ve always tried to speak with honesty. I’ve always tried to think with sincerity, and I’ve always tried to act with integrity. Those are the pillars I stand by. and it started with him. and it’s continuing with me,” said Wade.

Wade’s last game in Milwaukee will be March 22, when the Bucks host the Miami Heat.

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