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FOX6 rides along with Wisconsin State Patrol trooper responding to crashes on snowy I-94

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Wisconsin State Patrol troopers responded to dozens of crashes in Waukesha County as several inches of snow fell Monday, Jan. 28, prompting a winter storm warning for all of southeast Wisconsin.

Roads were slick, and not plowed in some areas for much of the day Monday, and when the call volume gets heavy troopers can be called in from another county to help out.

Trooper Nicholas Lorenzen, a former Marine, said Wisconsin winters don't phase him much.

"The snow and cold is definitely not an enjoyable part of the job. I can say that for sure," said Lorenzen.

FOX6 News rode along with Trooper Lorenzen as he responded to calls during the storm.

On I-94, two drivers were stranded during rush hour.

"You can see it's really hard to walk around here. We don't have much of a shoulder," said Lorenzen.

One vehicle was damaged, and the other driver pretty shaken up after one vehicle lost control and hit the other. Calls like this are common in winter, especially when it snows.

"Both of these gentlemen said they'e not injured, denied any fire, EMS services at the scene," said Lorenzen.

From 11 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 27 until noon Monday, Jan. 28 State Patrol officials responded to 100 calls related to traffic and the weather. The majority of them involved helping stranded drivers.

"Because of the low number of troopers and inspectors that we have, you may be called, an individual trooper, may be called to another county, to pick up coverage in that area -- so we're gonna handle this as a property damage crash and conduct our records check and get out of here as quick as we can," said Lorenzen.

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