‘It’s a snow day:’ Mother, young son go sledding at Mee-Kwon Park in Ozaukee County

Sledding at Mee-Kwon Park

MEQUON -- Most people probably spent part of their day cleaning snow off a car, driveway or sidewalk. But snow days can be fun too.

Jill Weinshel and her son Eli love coming to Mee-Kwon Park in Ozaukee County -- especially on snow days.

"Well, of course, if it's a snow day, we had to think about using the snow," Weinshel said. "And we had all day, so why not try sledding."

Sledding at Mee-Kwon Park

Sledding at Mee-Kwon Park

"So when you hit one, which will be one quarter of the way down, you might hit a bump and you'd slide off your sled -- go off course and stop," said Eli.

On Monday, Jan. 28, the hill got the best of Eli.

"It's not that much fun actually. You can never get halfway down the hill," Eli said.

After an hour of sledding and a couple of face washes, the family seemed to have had enough -- for now. But maybe they would come back later.

"I hope so," Weinshel said.

Jill Weinshel

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