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With plows on the road, public works crews get creative to clear out their own parking lot

RACINE -- When a snow emergency is declared in Racine, it means all plows are on the streets. But for those who worked at the public works offices on Tuesday, Jan. 28, they quickly found themselves in need of snow removal help -- with no plows in sight.

"From my side of the desk it has been interesting," said Julie Anderson, Director for Racine County Public Works.

That meant it was time to get creative.

Julie Anderson

"Have had plow drivers out in about 30 units out on the highways clearing the interstate, county, and state highways," Anderson said.

A significant snow storm was met with bobcats this time -- instead of plows.  Operators hit the parking lot, clearing space for those who take "snow days" as work days.

"With the result of a lot of closings, that has actually taken a lot of cars off the road which has helped us do our jobs a lot better," Anderson said.

Down wind, a neighbor who was pushing snow and -- ice.

"You do have to do it in sections, like do the top layer of the snow, back up and dig down again," said Kathy Matter.

Matter said despite her proximity to her public works neighbors, she does not get any perks.

"Come on over here! I should make them cookies or something, right? Lure them over here, come on help me out," Matter said.

Both places stuck to shoveling out their own.

"You got to do it. That's all there is to it when you live here," Matter said.

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