Worried about your postal carrier in the bitter cold? Here’s how you can put your mail on hold


MILWAUKEE — Due to the dangerously cold temperatures, people across the area said they’re putting their mail on hold out of respect for their mail carrier.

Several social media posts claim that people have taken action through the United States Postal Service (USPS) website to put their mail on hold so their mail carriers do not have to brace the dangerous temperatures.

In some of the social media posts, people said they took the action because “mail carriers are not superheroes.”

USPS officials told KMOV in St. Louis they’re not requesting people to place their mail on hold. They said mail carriers will attempt delivery for every customer.

They added they have a safety talk in the morning about recognizing frostbite and wearing proper clothing, and said they urge mail carriers to take breaks when needed.

According to our partners at KMSP in Minnesota, there would not be mail delivery in Minnesota or western Wisconsin Wednesday, Jan. 30 due to the extreme cold.Postal delivery operations will be suspended also in Iowa and western Illinois, KMSP reported. That includes no collection mail pick up from businesses or collection boxes, and no residential or commercial package collection either.

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