If you’re cold, they’re cold: Tips to keep your pets cozy and warm in this arctic air

MILWAUKEE -- Today's temps are colder than many of us have ever experienced -- including our pets. Linden Worth with Bentley's Pet Stuff joins Real Milwaukee with some tips for protecting them.

  • Provide Choices: Just like you, pets prefer a comfortable sleeping place or two. With options they can choose for a warm place or cooler depending on the time of day and temperature. Look for a thick bed and if possible one that is lifted off the ground, to absorb warmth. Use a comfortable bed in a cooler location for maximum comfort. Avoid beds near space heaters or in the direction of the fireplace.
  • Stay Inside: It is a misconception that just because dogs and cats are wearing a fur coat, they are warm. Short hair cats and dogs especially need to be protected this winter. For dogs, remember to put them in sweaters, warm jackets, rain coats and booties, as necessary, to protect their paws.
  • Wipe Down: During walks we need to remember to not only wipe off paw pads and legs but remember to check your dog`s belly that might pick up deicers, antifreeze, or other chemicals that might be toxic.
  • Use Pet Friendly salt at home: Use a pet friendly salt on your own driveway, pathways and sidewalks to protect your dog`s paws and pads on their feet. And always give them a foot bath when possible since not everyone will have pet friendly salt on your walks.
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