We Energies: Power restored to thousands amid bitter cold on Wednesday

We Energies crews work in Kenosha

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -- Freezing conditions caused power outages from Kenosha to Germantown on Wednesday, Jan. 30. But on the bright side, the We Energies Outage Map showed the more than 7,000 customers had their power restored by the afternoon.

Man-made equipment cannot always hold up against Mother Nature.

"These weather things are out of our control," said Brendan Conway of We Energies.

We Energies crews work in Kenosha

That is especially true during the brutal cold conditions sweeping through southeast Wisconsin.

"Our equipment is designed for really, really cold temperatures. But you can see how extreme this is," Conway said.

Thousands woke up on Wednesday without power. We Energies said all outages were weather-related. In Kenosha County alone, 5,000 customers were without power.

"These power lines here -- it got so cold, the lines constricted and they snapped off the top of three power poles behind me. Knocked off power to about 1,500 people in the Town of Somers in Kenosha County," Conway said.

From the state line to West Milwaukee, a wave of power outages dragged on throughout the morning.

"I went to check the space heater and it was off. I went to check the lights and they were completely off," said Miya Scheiner, a West Milwaukee resident.

"Just a lot of questioning -- trying all my outlets," said Jessamyn Spaulding, a West Milwaukee resident.

But the outages in West Milwaukee were quickly restored thanks to so many employees braving the extreme cold.

"We're having crews working together in twos. Checking in regularly. Having supervisors on the scene and giving them some relief if needed," Conway said.

By the afternoon, We Energies restored everyone's power.

"Well, it's like any of the first responders, they are out here working hard obviously in these conditions," Conway said.

We Energies advises people to have flashlights as well as blankets that are easily accessible if an outage should occur. Officials say that customers report any outages. You can do that by CLICKING HERE. We Energies will send you updates.

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