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Watch: Scary dashcam video shows truck lose control on icy bridge

OHIO -- You've seen the signs that read "bridge may be icy," but scary video shared by the Ohio Department of Transportation proves their importance.

The dashcam video, shared on the Ohio Department of Transportation's Facebook page, shows a pickup truck lose control while driving in the left lane along a bridge. The truck swerves into the right lane of traffic, and then slams into the guard rail.

The crash caused the driver with the dashcam to also lose control. Video shows them nearly crash into a vehicle pulled over on the bridge, with people standing outside.

Thankfully, officials say no serious injuries resulted in this crash.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says the video is a good reminder for drivers in the winter.

"It demonstrates two important things to keep in mind during the winter. One, that bridges and overpasses freeze first and can remain icy when other sections of pavement are not. And two, that should your vehicle become disabled along a highway, remain inside it if possible. It's the safest place to wait for help," the department said in a Facebook post.

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