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Animal care services finds dog frozen and thrown in trash by owner

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis Animal Care Services posted a particularly triggering story on Facebook Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday, employees with IACS found a dog frozen to death and malnourished, in a dumpster. According to IACS, the dog had been thrown in the dumpster by it’s owner.

The Facebook post read, in full:

WARNING: This post may be considered graphic by some. Read at your own risk.
Today was a hard day, not only as an employee of Animal Care Services, but also as an animal lover and advocate. Despite all of the warnings, people are still leaving animals outside in these deadly temperatures. The animals we encountered today, can’t tell their stories, that’s why we need to be their voice.

For a few hours, I tagged along with a few of our officers, going house to house, making sure that every animal was safe.

The first house we stopped at was supposed to be vacant. But after opening the frost covered door, we found several cats hiding in the ceiling. The temperature inside the house, not much warmer than outside, with frost forming on the windows and doors. I can only imagine how hard they worked to stay warm, hoping that someone would come rescue them. They found a place in the ceiling where we were unable to reach them. Our officer set up a trap with food and will return in hopes of capture.

Next, we confiscated a dog, left outside, chained to the back porch. The dog was shivering and clearly terrified when we found it. The look of helplessness in the dog’s eyes as he whined, terrified and cold is something I will never forget.

Our last call was the hardest one to stomach, and definitely one that will stay with me forever. We encountered a dog owner who left his dog outside, letting it freeze overnight to a cold wooden doghouse outside. The only thing blocking the cold, bitter air was a towel. While that is truly horrific, what the owner did next is even worse. He picked up the dog and threw it away in a dumpster, as if its life meant nothing. When we found the dog, it was emaciated and covered in trash. The small area where the dog spent its last hours had a frozen water bowl and gave you a glimmer of the painful days and nights it suffered before freezing to the ground of its doghouse.

We talk about the seriousness of bringing animals inside in these dangerous temperatures in hopes that pet owners will do the right thing. These stories are prime examples of why we need to continue talking about the dangers of leaving animals out in the cold. HELP US be a voice for animals across Marion County. If you see an animal left out in the cold, please call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622. If it’s at night, call 317-327-3811. If you are a pet owner who can’t afford to take care of your pet in this weather, there are resources available to help you. Please reach out and ask for help before it’s too late.

An investigation is underway that could possibly result in criminal charges, IACS said.

According to the IACS post, the dog had spent it’s final days and nights freezing to the ground of it’s doghouse.

On the same day, IACS found several cats found in the ceiling of an abandoned house. An officer had set up a food trap, with hopes of capture at a later time.

The shelter also confiscated a dog who was left chained to a porch, outside. The dog was found shivering and terrified, according to IACS.

As arctic-like temperatures swept over Indiana on Tuesday evening, Indianapolis Animal Care Services released an announcement informing central Indiana of ways to report an animal left outside in your neighborhood.

You can view the Facebook post HERE, but be warned — the post contains graphic and disturbing images.

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