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‘Comfort dog’ consoles furry patients during vet visits

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MILWAUKEE — Following a week of harsh winter weather, it’s finally starting to warm up outside — and this display of puppy love is guaranteed to warm up your insides, too.

On Saturday, Feb. 2, Twitter user @jsavite shared a photo of a veterinarian’s “comfort dog” that provides solace to four-legged patients during their times of need.

“So my friend’s vet has a comfort-dog assistant that helps sick patients know that everything will be alright,” read the tweet. “This is really all you need to see today.”

In the photo, a weary-looking pup is laying on a veterinarian’s bed, seemingly attached to a medical device. The “comfort dog” has their head on the table, and is looking into the sick dog’s eyes with an apparent smile.

That’s one good boy!

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