‘Guardians and protectors:’ MPD’s new website showcases services officers provide to community

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) announced on Monday, Feb. 4 the launch of a new website -- MPDGuardians.com. It's part of a pledge to be more transparent with the public, and build police-community relations.

Officials with MPD said the hope is that this website, coupled with other promises like releasing body camera footage in officer-involved shootings, will go a long way toward building public trust.

"The Milwaukee Police Department is shifting from the militaristic view we had before -- that individuals had of us, before -- to the guardian's mindset," said Sgt. Sheronda Grant, MPD spokeswoman.

Sgt. Sheronda Grant

The new site, which will be updated daily, has four components, including Guardians, Districts, Source and Resources. Officials said each component provides the user with relevant and valuable information, showcasing the variety of services MPD officers provide to the Milwaukee community.

"Crime trends, as far as what's occurring in the neighborhoods -- non-fatal shootings, homicides, things of that nature," said Sgt. Grant.

The site offers profiles of officers who go above and beyond, even when off-duty. It is part of Chief Alfonso Morales' goal to be more transparent with the public by showcasing the diversity of the force while being transparent with facts and statistics. It's an effort to strengthen the relationship between MPD and the people they serve.

"We need to engage with this community and gain their trust," said Chief Morales.

"Without the people in the community, we can't do our job effectively," said Sgt. Grant.

Sgt. Grant issued the following statement on this new website:

"The new website has been in development for quite some time. We wanted to ensure we carefully thought out the theme of the new site so that it not only truly represents the role MPD plays in our community, but also provides valuable news and resources. The department’s previous website, featured a more militaristic display of law enforcement. This is no longer an accurate representation of our relationship with the Milwaukee community – we truly are guardians and protectors of the city, and this new website helps share that message."

MPDGuardians.com was created in partnership with Cramer-Krasselt. It launched on Nov. 16, 2018.

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