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Police seize 7,000 pounds of what owners say is industrial hemp, which tested positive for THC

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BOISE, Id. — A legal battle is brewing over thousands of pounds of cannabis seized by Idaho State Police.

Troopers found it in a truck near Boise in January.

The owners of the material said it’s perfectly legal industrial hemp, not the psychoactive marijuana.

State officials said field tests and a K-9 drug-sniffing dog showed the load was positive for THC. That’s the substance that gives people a high in marijuana, but it’s also present in very low levels in industrial hemp.

Big Sky Scientific, the Colorado company that owns the seized substance, is suing to get the haul back. The lawsuit also accuses Idaho State Police and local prosecutors of breaking federal law and the Constitution.

Idaho State Police said THC is illegal in Idaho, no matter what substance it’s in, so the seizure was perfectly legit.

The truck’s driver has been caught in the middle — facing federal marijuana trafficking charges. He’s out on bail, but could serve at least five years.

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