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‘We need to slow down:’ Sheriff Lucas unveils program aimed at making interstates safer

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MILWAUKEE — It was a goal of Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas to make the county interstates safer, and the program was announced on Wednesday morning, Feb. 6.

During every shift, specific deputies will be tasked with enforcing the rules of the road. The program includes a crackdown on speeding, reckless driving, following too closely and things like breaking through a funeral procession.

“There’s all kinds of disregard out here. People, we need to slow down. We need to obey the rules of the road and most importantly, we need to get to our destination safe,” said Sheriff Lucas.

The push is in partnership with the Wisconsin State Patrol.

The superintendent made a point that the average driver can help first responders on the road — either move over, or slow down.

The sheriff’s office offered the following statistics from the month of January 2019:

  • Speed: 992 citations (288 for unreasonable and imprudent speed)
  • Crashes: 528
  • Fatal: 1
  • Non-reportable: 15
  • OWI-related: 18
  • Personal injury: 88
  • Property damage only: 406
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