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Wisconsin, Illinois officials investigate series of currency thefts that appear to be related

GREEN COUNTY — Green County detectives along with several other Wisconsin and northern Illinois communities are investigating a series of thefts of currency that appear to be related.

According to the Green County Sheriff’s Office, in almost every case, a while male approaches a cashier at a business, convinces that employee that they are familiar with the owner — and has permission from the owner to obtain a loan from the business.

According to authorities, the suspect describes a hardship that he and his wife are experiencing, usually stating that his wife was involved in a serious crash and that he is in need of cash for a tow truck. In each event, the suspect has been able to convince the employee to provide them with cash, usually in the $150 range, and in several cases, the suspect even has provided a handwritten receipt bearing a fictitious name.

Officials say the suspect is highly skilled in manipulating the business employees, but there have been no acts of or threats of violence.

Area businesses are encouraged to notify their employees of the ongoing thefts and to contact their area law enforcement agency if a similar incident is attempted at their business.

Contact Detective Chris Fiez at 608-328-9580 or with information.

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