‘Don’t tell us they need to salt:’ NW Wisconsin police share bold reminder about 4-wheel drive

ALTOONA, Wis. — A bold winter driving reminder from the Altoona Police Department in northwestern Wisconsin is gaining some viral attention online.

Poking a little fun at drivers with 4-wheel drive, the police department in Altoona, Wisconsin wrote on Facebook:

“A little hint for those with 4WD/AWD. These drive systems are designed to HELP with traction not create it for you. You still need to slow down when the roads are bad. Because if you don’t slow down the only thing 4WD/AWD will do for you is drive you deeper into the ditch.

And for the the love of God please don’t tell us they need to salt the road when we just watched you driving too fast right before you lost control. Salt just helps melt the ice it does not fix stupidity.”

Shared on Tuesday morning, Feb. 12 and the post has already gained more than 5,000 shares.

Honest and true. Stay safe out there!

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