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Long may they run: Ed and Sandy are fixtures at races, ‘fun runs’ across SE Wisconsin

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Ed Blumberg

MILWAUKEE -- 86-year-old Ed Blumberg is about to take us on a run, but first, he wants to show us the rewards of what has already been a pretty good run.

Blumberg sprawled out dozens of trophies and ribbons. It’s a mere sampling of his considerable hardware.

As Blumberg starts his run, we realize he’s got a pretty good clip going – and that’s exactly what he wants us to think.

Ed Blumberg

Ed Blumberg

Then, he wants you to picture yourself doing the same thing.

“I feel it’s an accomplishment,” said Blumberg. “What I mainly try to do now is interest other people at the same time. You can still run, slow or fast, you can do it. Be outside and exercising and keep yourself healthy.”

Not far away, soon-to-be 80-year-old Sandy Weinstein is layering up. It’s a typical Wisconsin winter morning, and Sandy can’t wait to get out in it.

Sandy Weinstein

“I kid with my friends that I’m allergic to sitting, but I think I am,” said Weinstein.

Sandy Weinstein

Running has been the one thing that helped her most when she lost her husband 25 years ago.

“I was working full-time as a nurse and I was under a lot of stress,” said Weinstein. “I thought it’d be a good stress reliever.”

A woman who lost her husband, and a man who lost his wife – come so close each day to intersecting.

It’d be tragic if they never met. Oh, but they did.

Ed and Sandy have become fixtures at races and ‘fun runs’ across Southeast Wisconsin.

From January’s ‘Samson Stomp’ to the sweltering heat of the ‘Hank Aaron Run’ in August, they’re there.

“During the running season, we would do a race every weekend almost,” said Weinstein.

If a cause or disease has race, Ed and Sandy have not only run it, they’ve likely won it, too.

“To be honest, the reason I’m almost always number one isn’t because I’m fast, but because I’m the only one out there my age,” said Weinstein.

Sandy Weinstein, Ed Blumberg

If we’re being honest, Sandy would likely not be doing this many races had she not met Ed.

Ed Blumberg

And Ed wouldn’t be running at all, had he not met Sandy.

“When I met Sandra, she was running, and I thought it’d be a good idea to get back into it,” said Blumberg.

Sandy would run a certain path in Fox Point and Ed knew if he ran the route backwards, they’d eventually have to pass each other.

After that meeting, they started doing races together and running together on weekends.

Over the years, the medals, memories, and even the meals have added up.

“Every evening, we have supper together,” said Blumberg. “I appreciate it from a health standpoint more than anything. I give her credit – the health I have at this point I wouldn’t have, had I not gone into running.”

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