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Special event gives inside look at MPD’s off-limits Sensitive Crimes Division

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Police Department's Sensitive Crimes Division offices are located in the Sojourner Family Peace Center, but it's a place that's usually off limits because of the sensitive topics officers are working on. Employees who work downstairs from the division got a look inside for the first time on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Sojourner Family Peace Center/MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division

Carmen Pitre

"This has kind of been off-limits. A lot of important work goes on here," said Carmen Pitre, Sojourner Family Peace Center.

MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division handles child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

"The detectives and officers here are specialized in those interviews," said Capt. John Corbett, MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division.

MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division

The division is on the second floor of the Sojourner Family Peace Center -- a nonprofit which provides support for families affected by domestic violence.

MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division

"It's all in one place so our victims don't have to be going all over the city to get the services that they need," said Capt. Corbett.

The division hosted an open house Thursday to share a better understanding of what they do.

John Corbett

"I'm glad I was able to kind of open some eyes and see what goes on," said Capt. Corbett.

"With everything going on, like I never see like where they're actually at, so it was really nice I did not know it was that big up there," said Endia Blount, FAST Community resource advocate.

Employees also got to know the new division commander, Captain John Corbett who was promoted in December.

"I thought it'd be good to have one big event that we could all greet and meet each other to understand what we all do in the building," Capt. Corbett said.

Capt. Corbett has been in the department for 23 years. He wants people to know he's open and is really excited to be in the new role.

MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division

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