‘Frustrating:’ Residents of Milwaukee’s east side face parking problems as snow flies again

Snow on streets of Milwaukee's east side

MILWAUKEE -- With more snow on the way, it means potentially more problems for many people on Milwaukee's east side. Residents there have been complaining that their streets aren't getting properly plowed.

Residents who have spoken to FOX6 News say the problem is complicated. The plows are getting to their streets. However, they are pushing the problem back onto them.

"I thought it was going to be a mild winter -- and then it just kind of hit us in the face. But it's Wisconsin," said Kordell Sulamoyo, a resident of Milwaukee's east side.

Snow on streets of Milwaukee's east side

Snow on streets of Milwaukee's east side

Sulamoyo is one of many east side residents still digging out from Sunday's bit winter storm.

"Every man for themselves out here. You got to do your own. Everybody else is responsible for their own driveways," Sulamoyo said.

With more snow in the forecast for Wednesday, the problem now is where to put it.

"Frustrating the other day, trying to get out for work, but we were plowed in. So I had to Uber to work," Sulamoyo said.

Snow on streets of Milwaukee's east side

It is a trade-off for east siders -- clean streets or clear driveways.

"Every morning, every time it snows, we shovel the driveway and try to shovel all of this out," said Tri Pham, a resident of Milwaukee's east side. "But every morning, the plows come by and they just push all the street snow, ice, and sleet into our driveway."

Snow on streets of Milwaukee's east side

Thankfully, they were able to get unstuck. But Wednesday is another day.

"We don't want to be stuck in our driveway again." Pham said.

Residents say they understand the difficult situation the Milwaukee DPW finds itself in. They just want the snow to stop.

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