Miniature Milwaukee Model Train Show ‘will capture the essence of our great city on a tiny scale’

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at the Mitchell Park Domes for the Milwaukee Miniature Train Show. He's learning what it takes to put the show together and how the flowers and plants are cared for.

About Miniature Milwaukee Model Train Show (website)

Miniature Milwaukee, the garden train show at the Mitchell Park Domes, is fun for the whole family. The Miniature Milwaukee Model Train Show will capture the essence of our great city on a tiny scale. Various trains will travel past local parks and suburbs and wind around some of Milwaukee's most notable landmarks and well-known buildings. Plants will be G scaled to suit the miniature trains making their way through the Milwaukee landscape. Among many other plants the landscape will include miniature topiary azalea trees, miniature topiary tree form rosemary and santolina plants, cyclamen, cineraria, violas, petunias and colorful varieties of althernanthera and coleus. Take note of the blue, green and gold colors in the plantings as tribute to our Brewers and Packer fans!

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