‘We will see what happens:’ When Brewers get to Miller Park, who will be at 2nd?

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MARYVALE, Ariz. -- The sun is now shining in Phoenix -- right on the infield where the Brewers will be doing a lot of work this spring; maybe more than normal. With the return of Mike Moustakas that means somebody has to play second base and somebody has to play third base. The decision is who will it be -- Shaw or Moustakas -- and where?

"We will see what happens, we have six weeks here. This isn't like on the fly like it was last year. So we have some time. We will feel it out and hopefully by the end of camp, we will have a set spot -- one or the other," Shaw said.

"It's going to be fun -- obviously it's going to be new. I've been over there a couple of times on the shift. So it's kind of comfortable at this point now. But it will be fun. We have a lot spring to work on it and get better," said Moustakas.

"I think it's exciting, and it's a little scary. But that's what they like too. It puts them out on a ledge a little bit and it makes you really perform," said Brewers manager Craig Counsell.

The bottom line here is winning -- and that is the Brewers' focus no matter where they are on the field.

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