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Don’t be duped! Some ‘health’ foods that aren’t all that healthy

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MILWAUKEE -- Don't be fooled by savvy marketing and slick packaging. Registered dietitian Lisa Grudzielanek with Your Tasty Life joins Real Milwaukee with some unhealthy foods disguised as good ones.

• Adult 'Healthier' Cereals May Be Similar to Kid`s Sugary Cereals
• Sugary, processed cereal isn't your best breakfast bet, even if it claims to have added vitamins and minerals.
• Stick to high fiber, unsweetened, whole grain cereal instead.

• Skip the sauces to avoid salt overload.
• Limit white rice, which spikes your blood sugar & leaves you sluggish & hungry.
• Opt for sushi wrapped in brown rice or seaweed only, and steer clear of rolls that are fried or contain creamy sauces.

Gluten-free Snacks
• Gluten-free does not necessarily mean cutting calories, low carb or 'better for you'.

Low Fat Salad Dressing
• Reduced fat versions may have more sugar, sodium and artificial flavors & preservatives
• Studies show that consuming vegetables with some healthy fat (think olive oil or avocado) can help your body better absorb vitamins and minerals.
• Make your own salad dressing at home using a few staple ingredients.

Bran & Blueberry Muffins
• Muffins or cupcakes? Bran and blueberry muffins pack hydrogenated oil, sugar and calories. Read labels.
• Stick to products made with whole grain, almond or coconut flour to lower carbohydrates. Better products often require to be made at home.

Veggie Chips
• Select real dehydrated vegetables chip, or made at home chips, not starchy puffs with veggie 'dust'.
• Most are made primarily form potato and/or corn starch, with powdered spinach.
• Often not much better than potato chips as far calories, fat, sodium and fiber.

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