Wisconsin farmer creates ‘Moo Muffs’ — fashion and function for calves 🐮

Cow ear muffs courtesy WMTV

LONE ROCK, Wis. — A cold-weather product created in Wisconsin is getting national attention.

Holly Poad and her aunt are the creators of “Moo Muffs.” They came up with the idea for them after losing their barn in a fire. They include water-repellent material and fully adjustable straps.

Poad was looking for ways to keep her newborn calves warm and avoid frostbite.

Cow ear muffs courtesy WMTV

Poad says orders have come in from all over.

“It was a bit like wow this is really taking off and I’m like wow we need to really decide what I need to do with this because I think it could really turn into a good deal,” said Poad.

Cow ear muffs courtesy WMTV

Right now, Poad is looking into getting a company to produce the Moo Muffs for her, as well as developing a logo. And Poad is also exploring making them for horses and other animals.

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