Man sets out on 224-mile run to honor fallen officer’s badge number

Natalie Corona, Colin Schmitt

DAVIS, Calif. — With his two dogs Hanibal and Smoke, fitness trainer Colin Schmitt left the gym where he works in Davis on an ambitious adventure.

The boxing trainer hopes to run 224 miles in just 72 hours.

He’s doing the run in honor of fallen Davis police Officer Natalie Corona, who was gunned down Jan. 10 while investigating a traffic collision.

Schmitt is no stranger to ultra-marathons. His longest distance is 100 miles in less than 24 hours.

While looking for his next challenge, the idea hit him: a 224-mile run in honor of Officer Corona’s badge number.

He hopes to complete the run on Sunday, which is 2-24.

Schmitt hopes to raise money for the Natalie Corona Memorial Scholarship Fund and honor the legacy of the young officer.

“I look at her and I read about her story and her life and I see that she is someone who deserves to be remembered, deserves to be commemorated and celebrated,” Schmitt said.

You can follow his run, make a donation and join him on the course by checking out the Davis 224 Facebook page.

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