‘Pushes in colder water:’ High wind warning didn’t stop dedicated fishermen in Milwaukee

Data pix.

Cole Apel

MILWAUKEE -- A high wind warning didn't stop some from enjoying a Sunday fishing along Milwaukee's lakefront -- though they did opt to watch their poles from their vehicle.

Cole Apel has been fishing at Milwaukee's lakefront since he was a kid.

"Seeing how today is pretty windy and cold, I like to pick a spot where I got a hill to break the wind," said Apel. "West winds, like what we have today, preferably are what's good. It pushes in colder water and pushes out warmer water."

Ricardo Velazguez, Apel's buddy, showed up for the fun -- but amid the high wind, they monitored their poles from their vehicle.

"It only takes one guy to catch a fish and make a phone call and everybody starts showing up," said Velazguez. "It's a lazy man's fisherman style -- sit down in the truck and wait for the rod to bend over."

They saw more that fish -- watching the whipping wind.

"It's a little too windy today for me. Cold," said Velazguez.

The wind didn't take their focus from the task at hand and helped distract them as they packed their patience.

"Make sure you're watching your rod. Go check it every 15 minutes. It's like waiting for the lottery. If you hit it, well, go get it," said Apel.

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