Dems host forum in Milwaukee after Wisconsin Senate refused to honor Colin Kaepernick

MILWAUKEE — Democratic state lawmakers Monday, Feb. 25 held a forum in Milwaukee to talk about a controversial move by Republicans to remove the name of former quarterback Colin Kaepernick from a list of influential people who are African-American.

Republicans argued Kaepernick, who was born in Milwaukee, is too controversial.

On Monday, a member of the Black Caucus said the issue is bigger than one person.

“We, as the Black Caucus, we have moved forward, because we know we’re not just fighting for just Colin Kaepernick to be on the resolution. There are many issues that plague this community — whether we’re talking education, criminal justice system, health care, so on and so forth. We have to fight for those that we represent,” said Rep. David Bowen, D-Milwaukee.

Before games, Kaepernick would kneel during the national anthem, hoping to spark a movement to protest racial inequality.

Many believe those actions were disrespectful to the country.

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