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FOX6 checks out pothole problems near 32nd and Villard: ‘I’ve never seen Milwaukee so bad’

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Potholes near 32nd & Villard, Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 News on Monday, Feb. 25 visited the neighborhood of a man who claimed the area near 32nd and Villard has the worst potholes in the city.

"When I hit the potholes, my muffler disattached and my wheel alignment is out of whack now," said Jimmy Harris.

Harris said it set him back hundreds of dollars.

Potholes near 32nd & Villard, Milwaukee

Potholes near 32nd & Villard, Milwaukee

"The condition of the street is very poor," said Harris.

FOX6 found a road in the area where potholes were unavoidable.

"We had to switch like this, man. Police seem to think you're drunk," said a driver.

"It's not right for us to ride on roads like this. You can't call this a pothole, really," said Harris.

Potholes near 32nd & Villard, Milwaukee

Potholes near 32nd & Villard, Milwaukee

While it appeared there were attempts to fix the issue, drivers said the problem was getting worse by the day.

"I've never seen Milwaukee so bad. I've been in Milwaukee 65 years. This is the baddest I've ever seen it," said a driver.

FOX6 News reached out to officials with the City of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works for comment on potholes in the city. We received this statement from a DPW spokesman:

"The safety and mobility of the traveling public is of the utmost priority to DPW. To that end, we have crews out patching potholes all year long, in all temperatures, in most weather conditions. During the winter months, we use a cold patch, which is a temporary fix to help ensure a safer driving surface. Hot mix asphalt, a more permanent solution, is used in the warmer months."

Potholes near 32nd & Villard, Milwaukee

Public reporting of potholes is one way we determine their locations.  DPW encourages members of the public to contact us with this information through one of three ways.

"It doesn't need to be looking like this in Milwaukee," said Harris.

If you have pothole problems in your neighborhood, you're asked to please report them to the city by CLICKING HERE.

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