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Tyshawn Combs charged in crash, data shows vehicle was traveling ‘107 miles per hour’

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Tyshawn Combs

MILWAUKEE -- Tyshawn Combs faces multiple criminal charges in connection with a violent crash that happened on Highway 145 near 91st Street on Tuesday evening, Feb. 19.

Combs is charged with the following counts:

  • First degree reckless injury (two counts)
  • Neglecting a child - consequence is great bodily harm
  • Knowingly operating motor vehicle while suspended - cause great bodily harm (two counts)

According to the criminal complaint, deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the crash scene around 11:20 p.m. Once on the scene, they "observed a 2015 black Honda Civic that appeared to be torn in half." The criminal complaint said the "front half of the vehicle was located in the southbound lanes of 145 while the back half of the vehicle was located in the northbound lanes."

Also in the vehicle was a woman -- who had been ejected -- and a 5-month-old child. The woman was unconscious and taken to a hospital. She died on Friday, Feb. 22 from her injuries. A citizen was holding the child immediately after the wreck -- the 5-month-old was crying and had facial injuries. The child was taken to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin -- and diagnosed with a brain bleed.

Charges will likely be amended because of the death related to this crash.

"Wild accidents that happen around here," said James Memmel with DJ's Transmission. "They're constantly speeding. Constantly. He should be in prison for the rest of his life."

"Not surprising. We see it every day," said Bob Erickson with DJ's Transmission. "As fast as they drive and the things they hit around here, yeah it's not surprising. No driver's license, no ethics. It seems that it's always the younger generation that's getting into it."

Crash on Highway 145 near 91st Street

Combs' statement

The complaint said Combs remained on the scene -- and admitted to driving the car. He told deputies "he was at a red light when a Chevrolet Malibu drove past at a high rate of speed. Combs stated that once the light turned green, he began to travel at approximately 40 miles per hour and observed the Malibu now swerving in front of him and trying to cut him off. Combs stated that he tried to brake and lost control, sliding towards the median wall.

Witness statements

Witnesses told investigators a different story about what happened at the crash site. The complaint said one witness told them "he was traveling northbound on 145 when he observed the Honda and a silver vehicle approach his position at a high rate of speed." That witness said "it appeared they were racing." A second witness also indicated the two vehicles appeared to be racing.

Crash on Highway 145 near 91st Street

Crash reconstruction

A member of the crash reconstruction unit conducted a download of the air bag control module in the Honda. The complaint said the "download indicated that the Honda was traveling at approximately 107 miles per hour at approximately 4.5 seconds prior to the impact. The Honda was traveling at approximately 76 miles per hour at approximately .5 seconds prior to the crash." Officials also determined "the car seat (for the child) was not attached to the car as there was no damage to the connections or belt."

A further review found Combs' "driving privilege was suspended for multiple failure to pay fines as well as a driving record suspension effective Nov. 22, 2017. In the last five years, Combs had been cited 11 times for operating with a suspended driver's license."

Combs made his initial appearance in court on Saturday, Feb. 23. Cash bond was set at $50,000 -- and a preliminary hearing date was set for March 5.

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