Relentless winter starting to take toll on outdoor equipment: ‘Last year was nowhere near this busy’

Hanrahan's Small Engine

BROOKFIELD/WEST MILWAUKEE -- This winter has been relentless. For some, it's starting to take a toll on outdoor equipment.

Inside Hanrahan's Small Engine in Brookfield, the cranks are twisting nearly nonstop.

"That month of using it every day really takes a toll on the belt," said David Hanrahan, snow blower repair.

David Hanrahan, a handyman, has his hands full. It's been a busy month of snowblower repairs.

David Hanrahan

"This time last year was nowhere near this busy," said Hanrahan.

Hanrahan says the recent snowstorms have taken a toll on the machines.

"Thirty to 40 snowblowers coming in for repair per week," said Hanrahan.

Inside and outside of his workshop are blowers waiting to be worked on.

Hanrahan's Small Engine

"If it's snowing, I'm making money and we're busy. I don't mind the snow at all," Hanrahan said.

Business isn't bad at Davis Seasonal Maintenance in West Milwaukee either.

"It's been a very strong tempo since the first of the year," said Brad Davis, Davis Seasonal Maintenance.

Davis Seasonal Maintenance

The company is responsible for clearing commercial properties. Brad Davis says their force of plows of all sizes are well kept and inspected as often as possible.

"It's a great investment when it comes to these quick storms one after another," Davis said.

A massive bin at Davis Seasonal Maintenance has been filled several times this season for spreading salt during snowfall.

"We fortunately aligned ourselves with good suppliers. Bought early," said Davis.

Davis Seasonal Maintenance

Brad Davis

With winter in full swing, Davis is ready for a change.

"I think it will be light switch and before we know it will be sub-zero to 45 degrees," said Davis.

The snowblower repairman says calls have been nonstop. When this season ends, he'll start repairing lawnmowers.

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