‘Don’t judge a guy by his uniform:’ MPD officers help stranded driver on way to help his mom

MILWAUKEE -- Going above and beyond to serve and protect, two officers with the Milwaukee Police Department are being praised for helping a stranded driver in his time of need. A photo from the incident is going viral on social media.

MPD helps stranded driver courtesy: Milwaukee Police Department Facebook

"I didn't expect it at all... I just wanted to say thank you to two cops who were doing a good deed," said De Von Dent.

Scene 1 Restaurant and Lounge

De Von Dent is the owner of the Scene 1 Restaurant and Lounge near 56th and North. He shared with FOX6 News an incident he won't soon forget.

"I just hopped in the car like they were my best friends or something," said Dent.

Dent says Saturday night, Feb. 23 he got a call from his mother.

"She's in an alley stuck on ice. Her car wouldn't move," Dent said.

De Von Dent

As the eldest son, Dent jetted out the door. He didn't notice until he arrived at 20th and Keefe, that his car was out of gas. Thinking it was a long shot, he flagged down a police squad from MPD's District 5 for help. What happened next surprised him.

"I was shocked because I thought I was asking for too much, especially in the middle of the night," said Dent.

The two unidentified police officers not only took Dent back to his home for a gas can, but also took him to a nearby gas station to fill up and then drove him back to his car. Dent says it took roughly a half hour.

"By the time we were done my mom had already gone out so I didn't even have a chance to go help my mom," said Dent.

As a mentor for youth and entrepreneur in Milwaukee, he wanted to share what happened with his followers on social media.

De Von Dent

"They didn't judge me by the color of my skin or the area I was in," said Dent.

Now that the post has gained so much attention, Dent hopes it makes a lasting impression on those that come across it.

"There is some good out there. There is some different people... just don't judge a book by its cover, just don't judge a guy by his uniform," said Dent.

Read the Facebook post below:

Dent is sending an open invitation to those officers to stop by for a bite to eat at his restaurant. Dent also works with StoneFire Pizza in New Berlin. They tell FOX6 News they would like to treat the officers and their immediate family to a free night there as a thank you for what they did.

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