‘A long shot:’ Social post seeks to find stranger who comforted injured person with blanket after I-41 pileup

WINNEBAGO COUNTY — The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is trying to find a person who helped a friend’s daughter — a person who provided a little comfort during a scary time. We’re talking about the massive pileup involving 131 vehicles on southbound I-41 near Highway G in Neenah on Sunday, Feb. 24.

The post on Facebook reads as follows:

“This is going to be a long shot, but we are looking for the owners of this blanket. Last Sunday, February 24th, there was a large accident in Neenah, Wisconsin. My friends daughter was involved and was seriously injured. She has no memory of the accident. Someone stopped and helped her after the crash until she could get transported to the hospital. She was brought to the hospital with this blanket and we would like to find the owners so that they can say Thank You. Please share this post and maybe, just maybe, we can find these Angels that were there for her that day.”

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